I am not interested in doing any kind adult/nudity/implied nudity. DO NOT ask me, your email will be automatically ignored!

[Weight:] 105lbs

[Height:] 5'2'' (without heels)

[Chest:] 32 A

[Waist:] 25in

[Hips:] 32in

[Eyes:] Naturally brown. I also occasionally wear colored contacts (20/20 vision just wear them for color or special effects)

[Hair:] Midlength black

[Body Modifications:] Upper navel, 4 lip rings (snake bites and 2 middle labrets one on top of another), tongue ring, left nostril piercing, a few earrings. Piercings are removable. One small dime sized tattoo on wrist.


"awesome ... highly dynamic model .. one of San Antonio's emerging new talents" Steph Courdin

"Any photographer can bring their images to life with an adequate model. On the other hand, it takes an exceptional model to take you to another level creatively. It requires a combination of affability and sui generis beauty to accomplish this. Shoot with Archel and you'll see what I mean" George Diego Photography and Design

"Archel was an immense pleasure to work with. Extremely creative, fun, and easy going model. She brings an air about her that any photographer would love to have in any model. If ever you get the chance to shoot with her, I would strongly reccommend that you take full advantage of that opportunity." Duke Morse Photography

"Archels a highly creative model whos open to doing new things. Her natural beauty makes her very versatile and easy to shoot from any angle. Any photographer who works with her will not be disappointed." Scott Brandon

"Working with archel is a wonderful experience. She is a very vibrant, creative, and beautiful young woman. Anyone that gets the opportunity to work with her should jump on it. AngelFire Photography

"Archel is an amazing model to work with on the model side of the camera as well! Professional, Friendly, Dynamic, all without having an ego! I loved working with her, and look forward to doing so again sometime in the near future!." Xotica

"One of the best models I've ever worked with! Great moves and personality to boot. Highly...HIGHLY recommended. Archel, you ARE the bomb!" Steven Ness

"If you get a chance to work with the beautiful Archel...do it...she just rocks......Only model I had to give no directions too...made my job easy" Samuel Martino

"Archel was referred to me by a close friend. He told me "just setup the lights, and watch her go." After working with her, I couldn't agree more. This little lady is pure talent and creativity!" ~ j. bailey